The Legend of the Elves is an adventure game in the style of 
Monkey Island 1+2 or Simon the Sorcerer. There are 
a few differences in the control mechanism however, so you should 
read these instructions before playing the game.

In The Legend of the Elves, you play the part of Eric, a 
young Elf who lives with his parents in a small house on Corvée 
Island. At the start of the game, Eric discovers something which will 
make him embark on an extremely serious and desperate adventure.

The game was originally written to be split into two parts, the 
storyline of each part taking place on a different island. 
Unfortunately, development of the game has ceased at the end of Part 
One, and so you can only play the part of the game which takes place 
on Corvée Island. This should not, however, decrease your enjoyment  
of the game.

During the game, Cut Scenes, where you do not control what happens, 
keep the plot going, showing you what is happening elsewhere (or to 
Eric himself!) The Cut Scenes involving Eric are not very long and so 
cannot be skipped. However, those which start with an "Meanwhile..." 
screen can be skipped by pressing the Escape key or holding down both 
mouse buttons while the "Meanwhile..." screen is displayed. The 
Introduction can also be skipped by pressing the Escape key on the 
keyboard. NOTE: If you press ESC during the Introduction, 
the sequence will not end until the credit which is currently being 
shown is removed from the screen. 
This game was created using AMOS Professional.

Quick Version History
v1.5 - Control System Update - Can now use RMB to select most useful 
       verb for a particular object on-screen (see Using the Control System
for more details). - Fixed a couple of minor bugs. - Now automatically assigns Eric: to PROGDIR: if necessary. - Improved end sequence. - Can now clear the dialogue line by pressing the "." key. - Can increase or decrease the dialogue line speed by pressing the "+" or "-" keys. - Now saves current music on/off setting with save games. - Added simple Save/Load progress bars. - Fixed 'Look at Stairs' bug in Eric's house. - Added error checking for walking routine which allows you to save you game before the game exits if Eric gets 'stuck' (previously the game would simply exit with no explanation why). - Added error checking to Save/Load routines. - Fixed bug with Save/Load routines which stopped you from saving over 20 games. v1.4 - Fixed various bugs concerning game logic. v1.3 - Fixed bug concerning using objects at the Ghost Train. - No longer exits if it can't find the savegame directory. The directory is now created instead. v1.2 - Fixed bug concerning interacting with objects at the Ghost Train. v1.1 - Fixed bug concerning carrying the maximum number of objects (which has been increased to 18). v1.0 - Original Release (appeared on Amiga Format CD40). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. By using it, you agree to accept the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program. ----------------------------------------------------------------------