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An adventure game for the Amiga written by
Peter Armann and Gary Walkden

Reviewed in the Reader Games section of the June 1999 issue of Amiga Format
Winner of the Reader Game of the Month award!
"A pretty accomplished adventure game with its tongue firmly lodged in its cheek"

Last Updated 20/7/02
Gamesave disk for WinUAE users added to Downloads page
The Legend of the Elves now also available on
Extra Life compilation CD from Epic Marketing

Please note new address for intro page:
(replaces http://members.aol.com/ericelf)

Previous Important Updates
2/1/00: Quotes from players of the game
1/8/99: Major Update (Version 1.5) available 
(features updates to the control system)
Full archives in the Downloads section
Update in the Bug Fixes section

Message to everyone who has registered

The version of The Legend of the Elves featured on the
Adventurer's Lair compilation CD from Epic Marketing
does not contain Part 2 of the game, despite stating that
it is a "full graphic adventure".
It is highly unlikely that Part 2 will ever be written.
Purchasers of the CD should upgrade to version 1.5
immediately (see above)

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