Quotes from players of the game

The Legend of the Elves has been played by people all over the world including the UK, Holland, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, USA, Finland, Serbia, Bavaria, New Zealand, Norway, Croatia, Spain, France, Portugal, Malaysia, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, South Africa, Turkey, Czech Republic, Peru, Lativa, Indonesia, Estonia, Colombia, Hungary. Here are just a few of the comments that people have made about The Legend of the Elves on their registration forms...

"A very good game - I would like to see part two especially"
"The Amiga Format £50 is well deserved"
"Good fun! Real shame there's no part two. How can you leave the family in that predicament?! I hope you change your mind or find someone willing to complete it for you"
"I have only just started playing but it seems like a cool game"
"Enjoyable, humourous, nice graphics. Do part 2!!"
"I just like to say that I love it. I just can't stop playing"
"The game is brilliant, I really enjoyed playing it. I hope you get round to writing the next section. Thanks for a great game"
"It's cool :) Can't get very far though :("
"This game is GREAT!! - This is so cool. Can U make part 2 please?"
"Please finish it :)"
"This is a cool game!! :) It feels a lot like Monkey Island to play, he he, especially with Stan Jr. :) I nearly fell off my chair when I saw him. I wish you would put out part 2! I have always wanted to make adventure games, it's nice to see someone else succeed"
"It's really great, I just love these type of games ;)"
"Great game!"
"Really cool! I hope part 2 will be here soon..."
"Very nice game indeed! - I guess you can not be motivated to continue... ? <:-)"
"It was quite fun!"
"Wanted to compliment you on your game and site... LOTE is great!"
"Has potential. Finish it =)"
"Nice game... I'm off to get some help for it now"
"Do a part two. Please. Pretty Please"
"kewl game u should do part 2 :)"
"I think I would pay for it, especially to get other levels or a part two? Would you guys re-consider writing for Amigas and accept small public donations for registrations? for a sequel or add on? it's a great game!"
"Excellent game, but what about the second part? Will that be coming out soon?"
"Very nice and beautiful game. I like it! Is there any hope that I will see Part II?"
"Thanks. It is very cool :) I especially like the 'killer cat'"
"Nice game :-) One of the best shareware point&click adventures I've seen so far! I hope to see a sequel. Keep up the good work!"

"Pretty cool, keep the good work up ;)"
"I played the game to the end in a few hours. The puzzles were not too difficult. Graphics were rather simple, but enough for a freeware game. All in all the best freeware adventure game I have ever played, but too short. Will there be a sequel? I would like to know how the story continues..."
"Your game looks very promising"
"Looks great! Want the rest of the game!"
"It's a very nice game, but make some objects, like the mat fringe, a bit more visible(!) Are you going to make part 2?"