Since The Legend of the Elves was first made available, a few small bugs have been found which cause the game to exit under certain circumstances. These include interacting with objects at the Ghost Train, trying to save your game when no savegame directory is found and performing certain actions when carrying the maximum number of objects. However, these bugs (as well as some other small problems) have all been found and eliminated, and you can download the latest update to version 1.5 here!

Version 1.5 also includes:

  • an update to the control system which allows you to use the right-mouse button in the same way as in games like Monkey Island

  • a new end sequence

  • controls for increasing / decreasing the speed of dialogue and for removing the current line of dialogue from the screen

  • simple save / load progress bars

  • error detection for walking and save/load routines

The update comes with a short Installer script to install the new executable, user guide and other new files. To use this you need the Amiga Installer, available on Aminet: util/misc/Installer-43_3.lha. If you'd prefer to update the game yourself, all you have to do is copy the new executable 'Eric' and user guide 'Legend.guide' in place of the old versions, and copy the new files in the ODATA directory. It's as simple as that! The file to download is an LHA archive. If you don't know how to extract it, read the instructions page here.

Note: This update is intended for Hard Disk users only (the User Guide supplied is the Hard Disk version, and the installation script only works with the HD version). If you need to update your floppy disk version, the easiest thing to do is download new DMS/ADF archives for disks 1 and 3. Disk 2 is unaffected by the update.
Also Note
: This update supersedes the v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 and v1.4 updates.

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Download v1.5 update

Fixes bugs caused by carrying too many objects (v1.1)
Also allows Eric to carry up to 18 objects (v1.1)
Fixes bugs with Ghost Train (v1.2 and v1.3)
Creates savegame directory if not found (v1.3)
Fixes various other small problems (v1.4 and v1.5)
Updates control system (v1.5)
Automatically assigns "Eric:" if assign is not already set up (v1.5)
Features new end sequence (v1.5)
New controls for increasing / decreasing dialogue speed (v1.5)
Now saves music on/off setting with save games (v1.5)
Adds simple save/load progress bars (v1.5)
Fixes 'Look at Stairs' bug (v1.5)
Adds error detection to walking procedure so that if Eric gets 'stuck', you now get the chance to save your game before it exits (v1.5)
Adds error detection to save/load routines (v1.5)
Fixes problem with save/load routines which prevented you from saving more that 20 games (v1.5)