Using the Download Files

Hard Disk Users - LHA Archive 

You will need:  

  1. The LHA program, available from Aminet (util/arc/
  2. A Hard Drive with 3 megabytes free 

Simply open a Shell/CLI window (from the System drawer on your Workbench partition), and type "LHA e [Path of archive and file name] Ram:". This will unpack the archive to the Ram Disk (this assumes you have enough free memory to store the unpacked archive in RAM. If not, unpack to a convenient plave on your Hard Drive)  

e.g. If the file elves.lha is in the Ram Disk, type "LHA e Ram:elves.lha Ram: 

You can then run the installation script (you need the Installer program for this, available from Aminet - util/misc/Installer-43_3.lha). 

Floppy Disk Users - DMS Archives 

You will need:  

  1. The DMS Program, available from Aminet (util/arc/ and many magazine Coverdisks 
  2. 3 spare double density floppy disks 

Simple open a Shell/CLI window (from the System drawer on your Workbench disk/hard drive), and type "DMS Write [Path of archive and file name]" and then follow the instructions that follow.  

e.g. If the files elves1.dmselves2.dms and elves3.dms are in the Ram Disk, type "DMS Write Ram:elves1.dms", followed by "DMS Write Ram:elves2.dms" and "DMS Write Ram:elves3.dms", inserting a different floppy disk into DF0: each time you are instructed to.  

When you've done that, you can insert Disk 1 into DF0: (and Disk 2 and Disk 3 into DF1: and DF2: if you have external disk drives) and reset your computer. The game will run automatically.

UAE Users

Simply select the ADF files as floppy disks in the emulator's configuration options. The game will run automatically upon booting the emulator.