Load/Save Game Functions

You can save your game so that you can later continue with it. You 
can save a maximum of 30 games. 

If you are playing on floppy disk, you will need a spare 
formatted disk with the name "gamesave". Please consult your Amiga 
manual on how to format and rename a floppy disk if you are unsure 
about how to do so.

To save your game, press the "s" button. Either select, with the left 
mouse button, a previously saved game that you want to overwrite or 
select the first available slot (the slot numbers are highlighted as 
you move the mouse pointer over them to show which slots are 
available to save your game to). Type or edit the name of your save 
game and then press Enter. Your game will be saved (a progress bar
shows how long it will take).

NOTE: Current music on/off and dialogue line speed settings are saved 
with your save game.
To reload a previously saved game, press the "l" button. Select the saved game that you want to load with the left mouse button and your game will load (a progress bar shows how long it will take). NOTE: The Load and Save game functions do not work on the Map screen or during Cut Scenes.