The Playing Screen

The Legend of the Elves is controlled using the mouse only. 
The mouse controls the cross hair pointer which is used to select 
objects and actions on the screen. The playing screen is split into 
two main parts; The Playing Area (showing Eric's current location) 
and the Control Panel (containing the Verbs and Inventory). 

The majority of the screen is taken up by the Playing Area - this is 
where you see where Eric is and where the game takes place. Below 
the Playing Area is the Sentence Line where sentences are formed to 
control Eric. Below the Sentence Line is the Control Panel. The 
Control Panel contains the actions (verbs) which are used to control 
Eric (such as Pick Up, Look At etc.) and the Inventory Boxes which 
show what Eric is carrying. Eric can carry a maximum of 18 items at 
any one time. The arrows at the side of the Inventory Boxes are used 
to navigate around the inventory (you can only see 6 of the 18 
inventory boxes available at any one time) 

See Using the Control System for more information.