Technical Problems

The Legend of the Elves is written in Amos Professional.
I have found this system to usually be stable. 

However, during the development of The Legend of the Elves, 
we did have many problems with unexplained crashes. It seems that 
these problems have been eliminated by rewriting certain parts of the 
program (which for no reason caused the game to crash regularly). 
However, if you do have unexplained crashes, they could be caused by:

- Programs running in the background. Disable all programs in your 
  WBStartup drawer and/or user-startup file and try again.
- Accelerator cards. I have heard that Amos is not compatible with 
  some accelerator cards. As I do not have one myself, I cannot test 
  this. If the game crashes, and you don't think it is a memory 
  problem, try disabling your accelerator card.
- Other peripherals. Try disabling floppy drives, CD ROM drives etc.
- Memory Fragmentation. See Memory Fragmentation

If you still have problems, either fill in the registration form at and state the problem you are
having in the relevent field, or e-mail me at