You can play The Legend of the Elves with floppy disks or by 
installing the game to a Hard Drive. You will need just over 2Mb 
of free hard disk space to install The Legend of the Elves. 
Simply boot your Amiga as usual, insert Disk 1, double click the disk 
icon and finally double click the icon labelled "Install". The 
installer uses the Amiga Installer program which must be 
installed in your search path (usually in C:) for the Install 
script to launch. (Installer is not supplied with this 
archive, so you must obtain it from Aminet (util/misc/Installer-43.3.lha)
or a similar source if you do not already have the program on your 
Hard Drive.) Once running, simply follow the instructions to install 
the game. Click the Help button if you don't understand anything. 

If you want to move the game directory at a later date, simply move 
the whole directory to its new location.